What To Look For In An SEO Agency

What To Look For In An SEO Agency


Now I have been doing search engine optimization (SEO) for myself and for customers for quite a while.  If you are unfamiliar with my background you should check out the About page to learn why I am qualified to write this article.  It was not luck that put me into a position of learning how to perform SEO well and easily rank my websites and client sites for long term success.  I did get some help along the way.  When I got started, I worked closely as a volunteer at an established SEO company in Sacramento, California.  I learned the ins and outs of the business from sitting in on new client meetings to learn the goals and desires of each customer.  I got to work alongside the SEO team that analyzed existing websites and made recommended improvements that the customer could either handle on their own, or engage the company’s web design team to implement.  I also got first hand experience building quality links from established websites in related niches to the customer.

I got to learn from a great company and modeled my own SEO firm around the principals I learned as a volunteer.  That being said, I know their are some shady companies out there that will offer to do your SEO for you on the cheap.  Take a look at my list of what to look for in an SEO firm if you want to have a professional help you.

1) Stay Away From Too Good To Be True Promises

If someone tells you that they can get you to the #1 spot on Google for your keyword, please take my advice and run…run as far away from that person as possible.  There is no way anyone can promise you the top ranking position in a search engine.  The only people who know how an algorithm works when it comes to ranking websites is the people who developed it.  No one is going to share those secrets as they are worth millions of dollars, and you can be sure anyone who has knowledge of them are all bound by legally binding non-disclosure agreements.  I’m sure if someone within Google has that knowledge, they are making enough money that they would not need to give away those secrets to anyone else.

In other instance, some people might promise page one ratings overnight.  While this might be achievable, depending on your product or service niche, the tactics these people are using are not sustainable.  Their are two types of SEO in this world, white hat which is what an SEO provider should do for you, and black hat, which uses shady techniques to get websites to rank.  Black hat SEO will work to rank a website, but only for a period of time.  As the search engine companies learn of the black hat techniques, they modify their algorithm the penalize people using those methods.  Getting a Google slap is no fun as you can go from page one, to being completely de-indexed from the search engine.

2) Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Previously I mentioned how overnight rankings are typically a bad thing.  A true SEO firm understands that in order to get long term rankings, it will take about two to three months to see any measurable movement.  When it comes to having SEO done, you need to be in it for the long haul and not get discouraged if you do not see page one rankings right away.  Their are a lot of factors to consider.  A true SEO firm knows the importance of on page optimization meaning how to write the correct content for both your visitors and the search engines.  Knowing not to stuff keywords all over a website and keep the keyword density to an appropriate level.  Inter linking pages is also helpful as it shows the search engines how your content relates to other similar things on your site.  The other aspect of search engine optimization revolves around getting quality links to your website.  SEO firms have good means of finding quality sites and getting them to link back.

3) Focus On The Big Picture

When it comes to an SEO firm, you want to ensure they have multiple teams that specialize in different aspects of the online ecosystem.  Search engine optimization does not just mean getting links to your website anymore.  Today you need to ensure that the firm you work with has skilled staff in the area of social media marketing, search engine optimization and web design at the very minimum.  If you want to have the best success, a company will be able to assist you with updating your site for the best on page optimization which usually requires a web design unit, getting you quality links to your website, and helping you get likes, tweets, and other social signals on social media sites.  The use of social signals in terms of website rank has increased over the years and will most likely become a huge ranking factor in the years to come.  Google did not build Google+ just to compete with Facebook, it was done to help the search engine learn what people are really liking and sharing online.  While Google+ is not the biggest social media site online by a long shot, it is being used by pretty much anyone with a Google account and data is constantly being collected.

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