iran-hanging-out-drinkingHello friends, and welcome to IranGreenVoice.org.  My name is Iran Green, and I have been having a great time being a professional Internet Marketer.  Now you might ask, what the heck is that?  Basically, I spend a few hours a day online building websites, writing reviews, composing videos all promoting other people’s products and services.  In return, I receive a little bit of a commission on each person I refer to the product or service vendor when someone makes a purchase.  I’m sure you think wow…big whoop, you make a small commission, and yes in the begining my income was miniscule.  I started making $10.00 a day consistently a few years ago and I was happy with the extra lunch money I was earning each day.  I was definitely not satisfied with only making $10.00 each day though, as I was making over $10.00 in about 20 minutes at my regular day job.  I knew I could do better and scale things to a point where I would generate $100.00 a day.

I decided to rent a hotel room for the weekend and lock myself in with nothing but a notebook.  I didn’t allow myself to be distracted with things like television or my cell phone.  I sat at the dinning table in my room, flipped open the notebook and started to write down my goals.  Once I had a nice list of what I wanted to achieve I started to generate plans on how to get their.  My primary goal was to generate $100.00 a day online.  I looked at what I was currently doing to get $10.00 a day and decided to make a plan for scaling the size of my web properties.  I did research on what was popular with people within a specific age group and then looked to see if their were any affiliate offers in those niches.  I found some decent offers in a weight loss program that had nearly $60.00 per sale commissions.  I got started and was getting a few sales a week.  I went from making $70.00 a week, to about $210.00.  I was stoked and knew if I continued to replicate my success with different offers, I would be at $100.00 a day in no time.  Within a few months, I had achieved my goal.  I was consistently making over $100.00 a day.

I knew I was only one man, and that if I wanted to scale things to earn what I was making at my day job each and everyday, I would need to get some help.  I hired a couple of outsourced staff from the Philippines to help me do my research and spin up affiliate websites.  I was costing me about $600.00 a month to keep these two people employed which was fine as I was averaging $ 840.00 a month.  The benefits were totally worth the cost though as I had pretty much tripled my abilities online.  I would still do my own research and work, and I would let the other two research and build sites for topics I approved.  I easily went from $100.00 a day to nearly $300.00 a day within a couple of months.  My next step was to scale up more!  I brought on three additional staff to help me grow my business further.  The exponential results were amazing!  I began making over $500.00 a day within a few weeks!

As I continued to grow my outsource staff, I began to just focus on managing them and taking a step back from the hands on work.  I found that if I did not work closely with my staff that things would sometimes not be done properly and end up costing me sales commissions which I could not tolerate.  I got up to about 10 staff members and was averaging over $1000.00 per day.  I was still working a regular steady 9-5 job and told myself if I could consistently make at least $500.00 a day which is double what I was making at my regular job for a period of six months that I could afford to quit my job and pursue Internet Marketing full time!  Six months came and went in no time, and I happily resigned from my boring desk job.

Having a ton of free time, and a decent staff on hand, I decided to venture into the world of search engine optimization.  I began testing strategies with my various digital properties which definitely increased my daily commissions once I learned what worked.  As I had a nice chunk of change sitting in my savings account and I had learned a good amount about SEO and web design over the years I decided to branch out and start my own local SEO company.  I knew I could help other businesses rank better online with my skills while charging a minimum of $1000.00 a month per customer.  Breaking into the competitive world of SEO was a bit tougher than ranking my own websites, but with perseverance and determination I was able to retain a few clients each month.

Now days I meet with clients, and manage my staff.  I make a really good living and can afford to relax and travel as I see fit.  I build this website as a place for me to discuss things related to the Internet, whether it be marketing, search engine optimization, brand management, outsourcing, social media, or just web design.  This is a place for Iran Green to voice his ideas and opinions to the world.